8 Top Tips to Get Picky Eaters to Eat Their Fruits & Vegetables

by Alison Becker on Sep 12, 2018 6:09:25 PM
Alison Becker


If you have a picky eater in your life, it can be extremely challenging. Instead of giving into the frustration, use the following tips in this article to get your picky eater to add fruits and vegetables to their diet.

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Why Having Fruits & Vegetables In Your Diet Is Important

Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals that are important to your health. They help to protect against certain diseases and keep your body operating as smoothly as possible. It is recommended that you eat at least five servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit each day.


Use these eight tips below to get your picky eater on board with fruits and vegetables.

1. Get Everyone On Board

If you have one picky eater in your house, you are likely to have another picky eater in the home. Unless you get everyone on board, you are going to continue to have problems. One of the best ways to make sure you have everyone on board is to call a household meeting. Make sure everyone is there to learn about the new strategies you are putting in place, so everyone is getting more fruits and vegetables in his or her diet.

2. Offer Choices

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Instead of forcing your picky eaters to eat certain things, it is a good idea to give them options of which fruits and vegetables they want to have in their diet. As long as they are getting the fruits and vegetables in their diet, it doesn’t matter so much which ones they are consuming. One of the easiest ways to allow people to pick their fruits and vegetables is to buy a few of each option and allow everyone to pick his or her favorites from the table and get each child their own portable blender to add their own unique mixture of choices. Fruits and vegetables might be more appealing when displayed at the dinner table instead of on store shelves.

3. Blend It Up

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You’d be surprised what you can hide in a blended smoothie. You can put your picky eater’s favorite fruits and vegetables, yogurt mix or some other blend in a mixer and mix in a few carrots, some kale or spinach and they won’t even taste it if it is blended properly. Instead of fighting about fruits and vegetables just mix it into their smoothie.

4. Don't Compare

If you want your picky eater to be motivated to eat fruits and vegetables, it isn’t smart to compare them to other people. You shouldn’t say things like, “look at Mary, she likes carrots. Why don’t you eat some more carrots?” Instead of motivating your picky eater to eat more vegetables, you could create more resistance, and they may resolve never to eat carrots.

5. Close the Kitchen

If everyone has access to the kitchen and the ability to eat throughout the day he or she may not be hungry when it comes to dinner time. You’ve prepared healthy options, but they aren’t hungry, so it is easy for them to turn down the sweet potatoes, carrots, asparagus or other vegetables you’ve put on the plate. Unless it is a snack or a dinner time, you need to close the kitchen, so they come hungry. If needed, your kids can use their Revablend portable blender to either mix-up their remaining vegetables from dinner.

6. Include Familiar Foods

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You don’t want to put your picky eater into shock by feeding them all kinds of strange fruits and vegetables. Find foods they are used to eating when you present your new menu options, so they are less resistant to the new foods. Let’s say that your picky eater loves to eat chicken nuggets. You could pair chicken nuggets with peas or carrots. Maybe they like pineapple smoothies, and you can sneak some kale in when it comes time to mix it up. You can even ask them why kind of vegetable might go well with one of their favorite foods so they will be more vested in a good outcome.

7. Don't Reward Healthy Eating

One of the worst signals you can give your picky eater is rewarding them with sugary snacks. If you reward them for eating their fruits and vegetables, they are going to think that they need to suffer through their fruits and vegetables to get to the sugar. This is an unhealthy message to send to your eaters because you want them to enjoy eating vegetables and fruits instead of feeling like they are doing their duty.

8. Don't Hide the Health

Sometimes it is tempting to hide fruits and vegetables in the foods the picky eaters like to eat, but doing that makes them untrusting of foods and may decrease the number of foods they are willing to eat. Instead of hiding health, find foods that they do like and add them gradually in small amounts. Tell them the benefits of each vegetable or fruit and how it helps their bodies. When people know the benefits of doing something, they are much more likely to do what they need to do.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring the proper intake of fruits and vegetables will help your body operate at peak performance. Finding creative ways to get fruits and vegetables into your diet can make it an enjoyable food adventure. The more creative that you are, the less trouble you will have with picky eaters. The fastest and easiest ways to get people eating their fruits and vegetables and staying consistent is often using smoothies. The top blender bottle alternative Revablend can streamline creation of yummy shakes and smoothies your kids will love.


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