Outdoor Ease with your Camping Blender

by Alison Becker on Aug 1, 2018 1:29:15 PM
Alison Becker


Cooking at campsites is great and there are a lot of gadgets out there to help, but here are a few of my favorite tips! 

camping blender

Cooking Tips:

Tip #1-

Cooking with Ease -Many sites suggest you pack pre-made mixes and even eggs in containers before you head out. The trouble is it only stays fresh for a couple of days. I pack my Revablend camping blender, which allows me to make fresh omelets and pancake batter with ease, then simply wash in the camping sink and reuse. It can be used to easily mix ingredients for a tasty morning omelette!

revablend outdoor camping blender

My kids also made a fresh smoothie with the fresh Blackberries we picked while hiking. The next day we used that same cup to make fresh blackberry pancakes…YUM


Tip # 2

Bring some spice on your trip- When you are cooking you are limited on the amount of space you have for food, let alone spices. I found that using a weekly pill organizer as my portable spice rack does the trick. I use S&S as Salt. M for Garlic powder, T for Onion Powder, W for Red Pepper, Th for Black Pepper and F for Paprika. It locks securely and is very portable.



Fire Tips:

Tip # 3-

Light your fire -The best kindle for any campfire is drier lint from your machine. I save my lint in a plastic bag for a week before we leave on a trip. A little goes a long way and it is very flammable. (Pro Tip: Stick that lint into an old toilet paper roll for portable and an almost instant fire starter)

camping blenders


Tip #4-

Bug Repellent and a nice smelling fire- Buy or pick some sage and roll into a small bundle then let dry. To ward off bugs at your campsite simply burn the tip in your fire and keep the mosquitos and flies away.


Sleeping Tips:

Let’s face it camping is not the perfect place for a restful sleep. Below are some of my hacks to make it as comfortable as possible.


Tip #5

Cushion the floor- My kids have colorful floor mats in their playroom. I pack a stack to put on the floor in between our sleeping pads and the ground to give added cushion to the bottom of the tent and it help level it. (Pro Tip: Always look for the flattest spot to set your tent, even a little slant will be a big problem all night.)


Tip # 6-

Best Comfort- If you are like me and get really hot with rubber mats under you while you camp. Try this. I place a sleep comfort mattress topper on top of my inflatable mat to give me the comforts like home.


General Camping Tip:


Tip #7-

Light up your space- Many of us have those flash light we place no our heads at night. Now take that light and attach it to a jug with the light towards the jug and now you have a lantern. 

non electric blender

Happy Camping!



Don't forget your Camping Blender

blender bottle alternatives
Revablend is a GREAT tool to take on your next camping trip, if you're hiking in the backcountry or just car camping with your family, it's a tool that is lightweight, doubles as a water bottle and can be used to really enhance your mealtimes! This Camping Blender is manually powered, so you never have to waste our valuable power, and it so easy to use even your kids will have fun blending in the backcountry!  With real stainless steel blades, it's easy to clean with just a cloth and some water. This non-electric blender, is perfect for the any camper or camping family as you can now add fresh fruits and vegetables to many shakes without the blender at home.

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• Never needs batteries or electricity
• Top rack dishwasher safe
• Make real fruit smoothies anywhere...anytime!
• Fill with juice to the top of the blades
• Add your favorite fruit or protein powder
• Twist the rubber base on the bottom a few times
• Roll back and forth on a flat surface at a 30 degree angle..
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