Revablend's Brand New Product Launch

by Alison Becker on Aug 27, 2018 4:15:50 PM
Alison Becker

Revablend launches non-electric portable blender with stainless steel blades and a portable mixer with a nylon propeller!

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Blend OR MIX in 3 Easy Steps with No Batteries or Electricity Required

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Los Angeles, CA - RevaBlend, a new company focused on providing innovative non-electric product solutions for everyday active lifestyles, just introduced a line of portable personal blenders and mixers for people who are on-the-go. No electricity or batteries required.

Retailing for $19.99 for the Revablend Stainless Steel Bottle and $15.99 for the Revablend Mixer with Nylon Propeller, RevaBlend features premium food-grade quality stainless steel blades and nylon propeller, a patented system that is connected to the spinning rubber base, which will allow up to 3000 revolutions per minute when rolled along a clean, dry surface at a 30-degree angle. This is the ideal speed for blending fruit smoothies, protein shakes, ice cream shakes, omelets, salad dressings, salsas, meat marinades, and more.

Easy to use, fill the lightweight BPA free polypropylene plastic bottle, twist the Revablend wheel by hand a few times to draw the ingredients into the blades, and then roll the rubber base along a surface at a 30-degree angle until the desired consistency is reached.

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Dan Garr, the inventor of Revablend, said, “After a friend told me about his food blending issues when he travelled, I discovered the huge gap between the shaker bottle and the electric blender. I set a goal to isolate a lightweight non-electric blending bottle and mixer bottle that is simple to use, intuitive, and makes blending food easy no matter where you are in the world.”

Available in black, blue, lime green, orange, red and purple, the RevaBlend features a flip top lid making drinking straight from the bottle mess free or the lid can twist off for easy pouring.


ABOUT REVABLEND: Dan Garr, the president and inventor of Revablend, has been inventing toys and products for over 25 years and is also the president of Hot Buttered Elves, a highly creative inventing and toy prototyping company.

Offering greater mobility and performance without the need for batteries or electricity, RevaBlend is a light-weight, portable blender using a patented gear assembly that allows up to 3000 revolutions per minute. 


On Sale for $12.99

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• Never needs batteries or electricity
• Top rack dishwasher safe
• Make real fruit smoothies anywhere...anytime!
• Fill with juice to the top of the blades
• Add your favorite fruit or protein powder
• Twist the rubber base on the bottom a few times
• Roll back and forth on a flat surface at a 30 degree angle..
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